Prepared by the MMMH&MC PGS Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Office of Strategy Management (OSM) headed by Dr. Jose B. Orosa, III (Chairman) and Ms. Zarieddie D. Parilla (Vice-Chairman), the basic governance documents consist of the strategic change agenda and charter statement of the hospital to position itself to become “the premier center of advanced healthcare in Northern Philippines by 2022.” Also included are the strategy map that illustrates the journey towards the vision, strategic indicators that quantify the performance in a governance scorecard and strategic initiatives that will enable transformation. The documents have gone through series of deliberations by the TWG and Management Committee members before their final release to consider the organization’s current context or realities and gaps that need to be addressed for the benefit of the stakeholders.



Encouraged by the Philippine Heart Center (PHC), the MMMH&MC’s PGS voyage started in 2016 when the Medical Center Chief advised the Chief of Medical Professional Staff (CMPS) to pursue the PGS during a PGS Summit organized by the PHC. Later on, a group of five (5) personnel joined in the ISA’s Governance Boot Camp at Legazpi City, Albay in September 2016 and a PGS Module by the PHC was also attended to in January 2017 where workshops were done to craft the strategies. Prior to the public revalida, the hospital was subjected to an organizational assessment to check on its readiness to undergo PGS and evaluate employees’ commitment for transformation. MMMH&MC is now the first DOH retained hospital to be recognized as PGS Initiated institution.

The Performance Governance System, a tool being used by the ISA is a holistic and collaborative framework for designing and executing roadmaps to reform. It builds institutions’ capacities across a four-stage pathway, namely, Initiation, Compliance, Proficiency and Institutionalization to address a wide array of challenges yielding performance results.