He said that the information drive on CoVID-19 vaccine in Ilocos Norte will target those who are in the grassroots, as well as in strengthening the hospital’s presence in social media through its flagship online health program “E-Pakaammo”.

Dr. Maria Lourdes Otayza, MMM&MC’s chief, said that the public should not fear the CoVID-19 vaccine.

Otayza said that her decision to be inoculated once the vaccine would be available in the country was based on the probability that there would be a greater chance for a person to be infected by the deadly virus than to suffer vaccine complications.

Meanwhile, MMMH&MC as a CoVID-19 vaccine implementation unit, has already formed its vaccine operations committee to strategize the inoculation of the COVID-19 vaccine among its healthcare workers and other eligible vaccinees. The hospital, being the referral facility of the Department of Health in Ilocos region, plays a significant function in the government’s vaccine rollout, said Mangati.

-  John Michael Mugas