Chief's Corner

Otayza Maria LourdesWhy do some rice grains float and others remain at the bottom? The good grains are those that have the  weight that keep them where they are. They are the grains with value. Alternatively, why do some people get promoted faster than others?  The stars float, that’s why. When you appreciate the beauty of their contribution to the night sky, you understand why they are there.

Public service poses many personal and institutional challenges. Those who are motivated to invest time and talent in public service should be recognized. Hence, the promotions. This is just one of the more obvious ways that management can show appreciation for the true heroes, those who step forward and take on duties which may not necessarily be financially rewarding, jobs that require the interest or passion that no one else seems to have but just needs to get done. In baseball, that is what it means when you step up to the plate.