A total of 72 pediatric patients has received their first dose of the vaccine. The first ever recipient is a 12-year-old female with rheumatic heart disease from Currimao, Ilocos Norte. The ceremonial jab was administered by Dr. Jose Orosa III, Chief of Medical Professional Services.

According to Dr. Gretchen Ranada who heads the Public Health Unit and Vaccination Operations, MMMH & MC is designated as the advanced vaccination site for the roll-out in the province of Ilocos Norte. The DOH regional office has allotted at least 2,340 doses of Pfizer vaccines for the hospital’s bakuna center to cater to the said category.

The roll-out is slated to resume from November 2 onwards until vaccine  supply allows. The MMMH &MC vaccination team has prepared well for this phase of jabbing this age group and is encouraging all parents to have their children vaccinated much as to reach herd immunity and for better protection against Covid-19 when face to face classes is proposed to resume by early 2022.

And as stressed in her virtual welcome address  during the kick-off ceremony, Dr. Maria Paz Otayza, chairman of the Pediatrics Department and adviser of the Public Health unit of the hospital remarked  - “We welcome all the children who are at the front needing special and long-term care. The vaccination team and Pediatricians around you are ready to assist in this activity, all for the Filipino child and no one to be left behind.”

- Ulysses Gaygay