The Opening Program

The program started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Dr. Maria Lourdes K. Otayza, the Medical Center Chief; Dr. Jose B. Orosa, III, Chief Medical Professional Staff; together with Dr. Lucris Carina “Louie” Agnir - Paraan, the President and CEO of the Northern Christian College, Inc., who was the keynote speaker of the opening program.

“What do I know about MMMHMC? It is where my husband died”, a moment of silence filled the audience as everyone heard this line from Dr. Agnir - Paraan during her speech. And as she went on, tackling the important roles of hospital employees during the pandemic, whether as healthcare providers or as educators. Dr. Agnir - Paraan expressed during the last part of her talk how she was amazed with the growth and improvement of MMMHMC, evolving to be the best healthcare institution in the northern region, as she correlated this with how his husband was well taken cared of then by the hospital staff.

Hon. Mayor Alfredo Valdez Jr. - Municipal Mayor of San Nicolas, President of the Salun-at Foundation, Inc, and an Oncology consultant in MMMHMC – was also invited to the event. During his talk, he shared about the unified efforts of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte in battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the tailpiece of the program, Dr. Otayza emphasized on her response the importance of flourishing good news that could help our fellow Filipinos. Dr. Orland Joshua Alimbuyugen, an Orthopedic Doctor and one of the Overall Chairmen of the Organizing Committee for the 53rd Foundation Anniversary, delivered the closing remarks by expressing his gratitude to everyone for being part of the celebration with the universal goal to bring quality healthcare to all.

The activity was also attended by Dr. Reuben Salvador, the former Chief of Hospital of MMMHMC; Prof. Adela N. Agnir and the Deans of the different colleges of the Northern Christian College, Inc. The different section and department heads and staff of MMMHMC also graced the said event.

The Exhibit

Aside from promoting the new services of the hospital such as the Molecular Laboratory, Nuclear Medicine, and the Cardiac Catherization Laboratory, impressive collection of artworks crafted by various medical staff were also featured in the exhibit.

First on the list is the majestic aerial photography of MMMHMC entitled “The Modern Landscape of World-class Medical Care in Ilocos”, which was shot by Dr. Robert Francis Luzod. Dr. Luzod is a visiting Neurology consultant in our institution.

Moving on, Dr. Jose B. Orosa, III likewise displayed his collection of ravising portraitures of men and women. On his photography style, Dr. Orosa immortalized beauty and elegance among his subjects.

Another eye-catching part of the exhibit are the enchanting artworks painted by Dr. Catherine Carrabaccan, our Pulmonologist consultant. Her exhibit was entitled, “The Art of Healing, The Heart of Healers”. Her artwork depicted the creative expression of healthcare professionals aside from their customary practice of medical arts and science of healing.

Doctors Michael and Merce Saturnino shared two of their painting collections. One was entitled “The Replacement” illustrating a surgeon’s ikigai (ie. the replacement of a diseased arthritic joint) and its role in alleviating pain and improving mobility. Another work - “Untitled” -  was an artwork of a prolific mouth painter, Bernard “Bernie” Pesigan, who met an accident and eventually made him paralyzed. Despite his disability, Bernie has embodied the true essence of living a full and colorful life.

Moreover, Dr. Isaias Alipio Jr. showcased his antique collection of coffee table and lamp which imparted the reminiscence of classic Ilocano home interiors. Another part of the exhibit also featured the stunning Bonsai Collection of Hon. Mayor Valdez, which was  the crowd-favorite.

The whole event is a proof that the Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center does not only exhibit the art of caring. Instead, it also exhibited the arts, the talent, and the creative minds of its staff, who are compassionate, dedicated and competent to help fellow Filipinos to achieve quality healthcare.

- Anthony James F. Almazan, RN, MAN