To kick off the event, a consultative meeting was held on June 23 which was participated by CHD-1 HFDU Team, Ilocos Training Regional and Medical Center, and Region 1 Medical Center. Representatives from the different private and government health facilities in Ilocos Norte such as GRASMH, Bangui Distric Hospital, Laoag City General Hospital, Gaoat Hospital, Karmelli Hospital and Vintar MHC also embraced the occasion. The benchmarking activity was held at the Treasure Trove Resort in Batac City, Ilocos Norte.

The event formally started with Dr. Cheryl Buhong, head of the Health Facility Development Unit, discussing the DOH Administrative Order (AO) No. 2020-0019 or the Guidelines on the Service Delivery Design of Health Care Provider Networks”. She emphasized the different requirements on the installation of a PHU and stressed on the functions of the PHU to be anchored on the Universal Health Care, particularly that of population-based health services provision and patient navigation.
Dr. Gretchen Ranada, Head of MMMHMC-PHU, highlighted the unit’s journey on its establishment late of 2020 and shared the organizational matrix of the MMMHMC-PHU to the attendees. She likewise ran through the accomplishments of the unit which featured the global recognition by the International Hospital Federation of its best practices. She remarked, “The cooperation and proper coordination among the key spokes of the unit from the top leadership to all the unit members are as precious as the diamond. Without our synchronized forces, we cannot remain intact; hence we cannot tackle our tasks very well”.
Mr. Ralph Giron, Assistant Health Education and Promotion Officer of MMMHMC-PHU, presented the promotional videos showcasing the programs and advocacies of the institution – One Town, One Resident program and Newborn Emergency Transport Service(NETS), TANGGUYOB: integrated Referral and Disaster Management System (iRMDS), the MMMHMC Resbakuna Team, and the hospital’s flagship online health program “e-Pakaammo: MMMH&MC Usapang Kalusugan Sesyon” - which are true to its mission of improving the health of the people through relevant collaboration and engagement with stakeholders.
Alongside with the benchmarking event, a monitoring and audit of the Integrated Hospital Operations and Management Program (IHOMP) of MMMHMC was done the following day of June 24, 2022. Guided by its mandate to improve the hospital management systems in the provision of quality healthcare, the HFDU team of MMMHMC, headed by Ms. Kristine Dianne Marders, reaped an incredibly high audit rating of 100 per cent. The parameters of assessment included (1) Governance, (2) Ethics and Patients’ Rights, (3) Quality Measurement and Improvement, (4) Patient Safety, (5) Facility Safety and Emergency Management, and (6) Resource Management.
The successful turnout of the CHD1’s visit truly exemplifies everyone’s commitment in the attainment of the healthcare goals of MMMHMC to be a premiere center for health aligned with the implementation of Universal Health Care.
- Jevelson Madarcos
Face masks were taken off for photo ops only.