The Field Hospital 3 will accommodate stable non COVID-19 patients to increase the number of treatment space available for COVID-19 cases inside the hospital as Ilocos Norte’s census keeps increasing as a result of the latest surge due to COVID variants.

The main hospital had already converted 170 (36%) of its implementing bed capacity to COVID-19 dedicated beds. With this, Dr. Maria Lourdes Otayza, the Medical Center Chief, said "We will need to transfer out stable non COVID-19 cases to make room for more if the numbers keep rising".

Based on latest COVID-19 daily bulletin, the hospital has a total of 111 admissions at the Isolation Rooms - eighty three (83) are confirmed, twenty four (24) are suspect cases and four (4) probable cases. Today, the hospital management is determining potential transferees to the 32-bed field hospital 3.

- Clenntroy Vicka Guzman