Ana Gay Ranga, who has been at the Office of the Medical Center Chief for a decade now, was recognized for her outstanding achievement in planning external activities and almost single handedly spearheading the Region 1 Health Research and Development Consortium (R1HRDC) reports and activities for 10 years. This is her 6th time to receive the annual award.

Jessa Mae Tolentino of the Molecular Biology Laboratory Unit significantly contributed to prompt and accurate delivery of RT PCR tests results specially during the height of the pandemic. She voluntarily rendered overtime and remained unflustered to meet set quota on the preparation of documents for PHIC reimbursements.

May Ville Dumlao, while being a newbie at the Accounting Section, she was nevertheless greatly treasured by her team for she has hugely contributed   to the compliance of the hospital to Commission on Audit requirements that will ensure accuracy of the Financial Statements.

Royson Ocampo, an Institutional Worker (IW) who has been serving the hospital since 2014, was awarded for his invaluable contribution in handling critically ill patients as to transport and transfers. He is assigned to the special care areas such as the Medical ICU, Catheterization Unit and the Isolation Unit where his dedication to work was appreciated and respected because he never hesitates to assist in emergency procedures even if called during days off or weekends.

Liezel Biag of the Office of the Medical Center Chief was recognized for her ability to steer both Research Ethics Review Committee and Research Ethics Monitoring Board while being connected with R1HRDC. Her talents in making video presentations and skills in video editing were highly commended and admired by many.

Ricarte Brillantes, who rarely requests for leave at the Nutrition and Dietetics Service was also recognized for his ability to multi-task as stockman, meal server, cleaner and assistant cook. His creativity was exceedingly valued for introducing alternative solutions in unexpected situations. This is his second time to be awarded as Most Outstanding COS.

Gregg Johannes Abellon of the HIMS was also a second timer awardee. His dedication and commitment to work is highly commendable as he willingly extends working hours even during holidays. His contribution in the implementation of OPD e-consultation and appointment system during the pandemic had decreased clinical departments’ turnaround time.

Jodelyn Seggay, an IW assigned at the Diagnostic Building, OPD and Laundry Area, voluntarily extends working hours during hospital events and makes sure that her area of responsibility is orderly before she leaves even if she is breastfeeding her newborn baby. She propagates plants in her home and brings them to the hospital which exceeded the expectation of the management and clients.

Commenting on how the award-winning COS were selected, Dr. Maria Lourdes Otayza, the Medical Center Chief, said, to be outstanding, one has to have done "impactful" work. It is useless to labor on something that will never get read by others, approved or felt. Our daily acts should have benefited someone else, comforted or enlightened them, gave convenience, pleased them because they facilitated our work, made others happy. One is outstanding because he has been consistently so and happy at his job, not just when the supervisor is around, and certainly not because he has the hidden agenda of obtaining this commendation so that he will become a permanent employee. Unfortunately, it has become more and more difficult to ensure that this is not the case so that those we commend are the genuine thing.

The 2021 Most Outstanding Contract of Service Workers panel was chaired by Dr. Melanie Valdez and the selection criteria was based on the Outstanding Achievement (30%), Dedication to Work (25%), Creativity (25%) and Performance Evaluation System Rating (25%) of the Employees.

- Clenntroy Vicka Guzman