The Organizing Committee headed by Dr. Ma. Rosita Manangan, Dr. Carie Cabinian, and Dr. Noreen Mayubay, prepared various activities underscoring the importance of maintaining one’s energy and self-care among health workers by participating in Tik Tok Dance, Spoken Poetry, Song-Writing and Music Video, On-the-Spot Poster-Making contest, and conversion of unused hospital beds into bed gardens. The competitors for these events were hospital employees from the different divisions. Resident physicians from the different clinical departments were also engaged in this year’s Residents’ Interesting Case Presentation, while high school students from various schools around the province participated through the NHW Inter-High School Quiz Bee Competion which was conducted in the middle of the week.


In the former contest, Dr. Dominiel Ganal was 5th placer; Dr. Grace Joy Calapit, 4th placer; Dr. Jun Carlos Maruquin, 3rd placer; Dr. Jonathan Paul Ladera, 2nd placer, and Dr. Gene Paolo Janzi Sapla, 1st placer. Meanwhile, Mariano Marcos State University Laboratory Highschool – Batac got the 3rd spot,  City of Batac National Highschool – Payao bagged the 2nd, and Our Saviour’s Foundation Inc. was the champion in this year’s Quiz Bee competion. The Medical Division bagged the  most number of awards, during the closing program on August 13, 2021. 

E-Pakammo Advocacy Lectures and free clinics were also organized to educate the public on pressing health issues across the country – focusing on Psychological Resilience Amidst the Pandemic and Updates on COVID19 Variants and Vaccines, where Dr. Ricardo Guanzon, the Dean of MMSU College of Medicine and Dr. Rontgene Solante, a Vaccine Panel Expert and Chief of Infectious Disease Control Committee of San Lazaro Hospital, served as resource speakers. 

On the last day of the event, Dr. Guanzon as the Guest Speaker mainly talked about his experience as a Covid-19 survivor and how the essence of being resilient in this time of pandemic, and the remarkable role of family, friends, healthcare workforce, and the community helped him in getting through his fight with the virus physically, financially, morally, and spiritually. 

As the activity ended, Otayza hoped that next year’s NHW celebration would be carried out face to face for she longs to see everyone  dancing and singing just like what it used to be - without  face masks and face shields and distancing restrictions. - CLENNTROY VICKA GUZMAN