As clinician, Otayza said that, “children at the OPD waits for their turn to be seen and they easily get bored and become idle while waiting, so, they need to divert their attention to something else. Even chronically ill children who stay long in wards are welcome”, Otayza added. Because of the noble intention of the group, Councilors Ma. Jadel Jansseña Marders- Velasco and Roque Benjamin “RB” Alban donated children’s books and reading materials to add to the little collection of the hospital.

Janine Ravelo, nurse of the OPD Pedia shared her experience after the creation of the library saying that it helped nurses perform anthropometric measurements without a fuss, administer medicine minus the squealing part and “at home” feels while on the queue. Also, a mother of one patient added that it is common in a pediatric clinic to hear crying children while waiting for their turn, if it is not caused by pain, probably, it is because of boredom. Hence, it is a struggle for a parent to hush little ones but books are one of the means to entertain and divert them. “Currently, the kids enjoy having a mini library because they miss schooling”, Otayza said.

Because the project turned out to be successful, the Chief of the hospital, Dr. Maria Lourdes Otayza also plans to create a mini rolling library for COVID-19 patients who are isolated for days. - Clenntroy Vicka Guzman