Aside from order ahead service, MMMHMC licensed pharmacists as drug experts, will also offer free online counselling in response to the present pandemic. The service will focus on proper storage, when and how to take the  medicines prescribed, drug-food and drug-drug interactions, among others. In his statement, Mr.  Rey Christian Reyno, OIC of the Pharmacy Section, emphasized that during these trying times, drug-related information coming directly from reliable and licensed pharmacists is vital.

To protect the data being shared by the client, the unit will ensure that all services are provided in a manner that respects the patient’s privacy in accordance with relevant professional and quality assurance standard. “The information obtained about the client in the course of professional service shall be considered confidential and may be disclosed only if the client permits to do so”, said Mr. Reyno.

Further, the two services will be pilot tested for the whole month of August to assess the efficiency of the service and to further enrich the system. If established, the Pharmacy Unit will venture into delivery of drugs and medicines in any part of Ilocos Norte. 

The MMMHMC-Pharmacy Unit can be contacted from Mondays to Fridays at 8:00AM to 5:00PM through the following contact details:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cellphone No. : 09668174471
Telephone No: (077) 600-800 local (4103) (3112)
Facebook Page: MMMH & MC Pharmacy

                                                                                                                                              --Clenntroy Vicka Guzman