Since its establishment in 2015, MMSU-COM had MMMH&MC as its partner institution to serve as the base hospital for internship and training site for the former’s medical students.

In an earlier interview, Dr. Gretchen Velasco-Ranada, associate professor of MMSU-COM and consultant of MMMH&MC, shared that the graduates of the state university are recognized as “Doctors for Ilocanos” for they are honed and trained by Ilocano doctors and are prepared to become healthcare providers in the province.

With the current pandemic and reported shortage of health-care workers in the country, Dr. Otayza encouraged the medical interns to consider a career in public service specially with the present development efforts of MMMH&MC in building the Cancer Center, Heart, Lung and Kidney Center, Neonatal Center, among others.

She also mentioned the need to refocus some plans of MMMH&MC in line with management of infectious disease considering that there are only two infectious specialists in Ilocos Norte.

“See these opportunities in the difficulties that we are facing today. We need more professionals to lead health care not only on our turf but the Philippines,” Dr. Otayza emphasized. —Michael Mugas