Further, patients with appointments are advised to present their OPD appointment confirmation (either SMS or Facebook Messenger based) to the OPD triage officer/s upon entering the Hospital. The Hospital has a dedicated lane that will cater to patients on appointment, allowing for more efficient and faster OPD hospital transaction.  In case of cancellations, the patients are requested to give prior notice to the same channels earlier provided and a new schedule shall be given to them. Once the appointment has been set, the patient is expected to appear on-time during the scheduled date and time. Late patients shall be reclassified as regular and will need to go through the ordinary process to be able to enter the OPD for check-up.

The appointment system is for non-urgent (non-critical) cases. This system, together with the Hospital’s e-CLINIC earlier launched in April, were initiated in line with the efforts of the Hospital to reduce the long queues and to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the Hospital and to usher in the “new normal”, wherein the move to telemedicine and virtual care are highly needed. – John Michael Mugas