Mangati further mentioned that the public shall have the chance to ask questions relating to the topics discussed which shall be answered live by the hospital’s medical personnel.

Dr. Maria Lourdes K. Otayza, MMMH&MC’s Medical Center Chief II, hopes that E-Pakaammo shall become the new buzzword in the province like “the new normal” and “flattening the curve”.

“Even prior to the onset of the pandemic, the Hospital’s new strategic thrust under the Performance Governance System was towards more community engagement and this [online] platform allows us to connect with our communities on different levels while answering many life questions,” upheld Otayza.

As the public and private sectors shift to the use of online and social media-based platforms to conduct its activities and reach out to the community, Otayza hopes that the public enjoys and finds much use for the various endeavours of the hospital being conducted online.

In April, the Hospital initiated the ‘e-Clinic’ program, for free online medical consultations, to allow Ilocanos a continued access to necessary and immediate medical services without having to physically go to the hospital.—John Michael Mugas