Because it takes a village to grow a child- of which I think NSCNL is at 3 years and 4 months old?- I would like to grab this rare opportunity to thank all of the MMMH&MC, across all units ( you know who you are!), top to base, for helping create this champion of a unit, for passing our ENBS accreditation at one go, with flying colors. We now face the greater hurdle of maintaining such high levels of operations, as we now train newer units and show older units how we do things up here!

At the end of the day: I ‘am humbled by the dedication and commitment of a strong, smart, young and funny crew of professionals at NSCNL. The gift to me was putting together highly cohesive Avengers, truly a MARVEL!

On a personal note: “It is the nod from my chief, the utmost trust to lead the group, and the tears when she realized we did our best to muster the troops!”

Thank you everyone! God bless us all.