The accreditation began with an introduction of the Accrediting Team that was initiated by Dr. Bradford Therrell followed by the convivial and inspiring message from Dr. Jose B. Orosa III. Then, Dr. Ma. Paz Virginia K. Otayza gave an overview about NSC-NL and the video presentation. The Avenger-themed video presentation delighted the Accrediting Team as it highlights the milestones of NSC-NL, organizational structure, the accomplishment reports and activities of the unit from May 2017 – June 2019, and ENBS Preparation from planning, procurement, training and parallel test run.
After which, the Accrediting Team proceeded to the NSC-NL Administrative Office and Laboratory for the review and observation of workflows, interview of staff, and checking of documents. This continued on the second day until they completed their finding and recommendations.
Finally, the long wait was over. All staff and visitors gathered again for the Exit Conference at the Strategic Room. Dr. Therrell began to discuss the exit report stating, “The commitment and dedication of NSC-Northern Luzon staff and management are to be commended. The staff is young, enthusiastic, excited and well-grounded about the program. NSC-NL maintains a good relationship with the host organization. The laboratory and non-laboratory operations were reviewed and appear to be in a stable state.” The staff were excited and anxious for each statement of the Accreditors. When Dr. Therrell announced that continued accreditation is recommended for NSC-NL, the room was filled with gladness.
Receiving the reaccreditation is more than being recognized. For NSC-NL, it means more chances of saving all the babies in Northern Luzon from preventable diseases through Newborn Screening. -Anthony James F. Almazan, RN, MAN