Meanwhile, Jhey-ar O. Mangati, Health Education and Promotions Officer of MMMH&MC, said in an interview that the hospital has already sought help from the central and regional offices of the Department of Health (DOH); and has asked for additional medical supplies and equipment and at least two (2) field tents.

The Provincial Health Office of Ilocos Norte has also been tapped to provide impregnated or insecticide-treated mosquito nets.

“The hospital’s management decided to make emergency purchases to cover the patients’ basic needs in the temporary ward,” Mangati said, calling for the cooperation and support of the entire Ilocano community through the donation of “foldabeds and cot beds, privacy curtains, Monoblock benches, pillows, and blankets.”

Earlier this month, the MMMH&MC revived the a fast lane for dengue patients.
Mangati added that the hospital continues to promote preventive measures at home and the community to stem the alarming rise in dengue cases in Ilocos Norte.

The DOH continues to implement its “4S” campaign to fight dengue as an effective strategy to prevent cases and deaths. The “4S” stands for search and destroy mosquito breeding places, seek early consultation, self-protection, and support fogging or spraying only in hotspots – areas that register an increase for two consecutive weeks -- to prevent an outbreak.

The provincial government of Ilocos Norte has yet to declare a dengue outbreak.

Donations may be coursed through the hospital’s emergency hotline, (077) 600 8000 and/or through its Health Education and Promotions Office.—John Michael Mugas