Engaging and informative, this short simulated virtual program which replicates a talk show was introduced last May 12, 2020 amidst the here and there community lockdowns imposed by the national government. It was a pioneering reaction to the halt of the face to face health information dissemination campaign of the hospital due to movement and social distancing restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bringing health matters closer and accessible to people, the e-Pakaammo is a timely plan to address the gap in the absence of conventional methods of health education providing thereof pertinent learning experiences on different health matters and issues which are programmed according to the needs of individuals, their families and their communities.

The e-Pakaammo intends to (a) strengthen the delivery of quality health promotion to the public through the use of digital media, (b) integrate social media in improving the health literacy of the public, (c) educate the public on the different health programs specially during the COVID-19 pandemic, (d) disseminate timely and relevant health information in promoting patient safety to the public, (e) inform the public about the disease mechanism, prevention, diagnosis and management, (f) create and share health messages or content that is accessible, and (g) establish an avenue for the public to address health issues, concerns and questions.

Providing real-time and credible health information amidst the pandemic, subject matter and medical experts who act as resource speakers are notified ahead of time for them to prepare the agreed upon flow of discussion. The key points of this online health education are then verified by the Health Education and Promotion Officer to ensure that topics are explained and expounded in layperson’s understanding. Matters of discourse are patterned after the year-round calendar of programs and activities of the Department of Health and other health related issues and concerns.

Consequently, the program has allowed an amplified visibility for the institution not only in Ilocos Norte but to the neighboring provinces as well. This also allowed for a wider and diverse audience since it eliminates geographic and physical access barriers.

Thus, the project served as a feasible marketing strategy in promoting existing and forthcoming health services, programs and projects of the hospital thereby enhancing its service delivery network. As we keep up the fight against COVID-19, a new horizon awaits – the E-Pakaammo is set to make positive contributions for the hospital.
E-Pakaammo has been given recognition by the International Hospital Federation (IHF) during the 44th World Hospital Congress 2021 held at Barcelona, Spain.
PHOTOS: Behind the scenes of the recording sessions of e-Pakaammo with the new HEPOs, Mr. Jevelson Madarcos (Left) and Ms. Aimee Dianne Baguio (Right) as moderators together with the Public Health Unit’s IT Specialist, Mr. Rob Alfreid Mandac.
PHOTO: Live streaming session of e-Pakaammo in the digital media platform, Facebook, during the Firecracker Injury Prevention Month with the Emergency Room Nurse Supervisors, Mr. Alcibiades Villarin II and Ms. Florence Salvador, together with Ms. Leoneza Rigonan-Bandayrel as moderator.
PHOTOS: Electronic poster of e-Pakaammo (Left) which is displayed on the official FB Page of MMMHMC, contains the featured topic and the photographs of the resource speakers and moderator to engage the captive audience. On-going recording session (Right) with Neonatologists, Dr. Fermin and Dr. Ranada; Perinatologist, Dr. Ramiro; and the HEPO/moderator, Mr. Jevelson Madarcos, on the topic “Unang Yakap: Gabay kay Nanay sa Prematurity”.