The Public Governance Forum was welcomed by the Chairman of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA, Mr. Francisco F. Del Rosario, Jr. This public revalida is a virtual platform and a democratic exercise that showcases the institution’s progress and milestones in the PGS pathway and validates the successful completion of the proficiency stage.
The members of the panel of strategy and industry experts were Dr. Juliet J. Balderas, OIC-Department Manager-Management Service Department of the Philippine Heart Center; Dr. Gloanne Adolor, Assistant Professor, Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health-Ateneo de Manila University; Dr. Kenneth G. Ronquillo, DOH Undersecretary-Health Policy and Infrastructure Development Team; Dr. Marvinson Fajardo, Research Project Manager of Social Innovation in Health Initiative-Philippine Hub; Dr. Sullian S. Naval, Deputy Executive Director for Medical Services-Lung Center of the Philippines; and Dr. Gaudencio Tan Ligutom III, Former Chief of Hospital, Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center, Dipolog City.
The Medical Center Chief, Dr. Maria Lourdes K. Otayza presented MMMH&MC’s transformation journey from a mere 25-bed capacity emergency hospital in 1968 to becoming the apex hospital in the northern quad of the country, and the creation of various specialty centers into its domain.
With the establishment of fully functional Office for Strategy Management (OSM) that cascades the strategy throughout the organization, aligns deliverables to every employee through harmonization to Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) and shares best practices with other institutions locally, nationally and internationally, and with the collaboration and support of the Multi-Sector Governance Council (MSGC), the following breakthroughs were achieved: Increase in bed capacity in 2019 from 200 to 700 through RA 11290; establishment of the Catheterization Laboratory for the Heart Center; expansion of Neonatal ICU and development of Human Milk Bank for the Neonatal Center; and preparation of the kidney and corneal transplant services for the Renal and Eye Care Centers, respectively; establishment of the Molecular Laboratory for the Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Center and offering of other specialty centers’ services; innovations such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR), e-Pakaammo: Usapang Pangkalusugan Sesyon, an online health education program for community advocacy; the “Tangguyob” Integrated Referral and Disaster Management System; Telepharmacy; Cashless Payment System; Online Appointment System, and OPD Teleconsultation.
Dr. Otayza stated in her response, “If we choose to make the best of what we have and do our best to make our place and work a little better, that is our choice and our reward, grass is a lot greener on our side of the fence”. With these accomplishments, the MMMH&MC shall continue to strive to do better and be better. As we embark on our journey to the last phase of PGS, the “Institutionalization Stage”, where the realization of breakthrough results convey a vast impact to all its stakeholders, we become the beacon that guides other institutions along their PGS journey, as well.
- Zarieddie D. Parilla and Aimee Dianne B. Baguio