Dr. Maria Lourdes Otayza, MMMH&MC’s Medical Center Chief, stated that “as the apex hospital for this catchment area of about 5M people from the northwesternmost quad of our country, we are mandated to provide technical assistance to facilitate the implementation of UHC. It is essential that we listen to what our health constituents need and want in order for us to be relevant. We should do our best to complement to fill up service gaps. To train and transfer skills so that the patient feels the help at home, by way of upgrading the health care provider network.”
MMMH&MC emphasized that it can extend its assistance through staff trainings, consignment of medicine and medical supplies, and deployment of senior residents for their community exposures. After a well-received visit from the management and staff of both health facilities, Dr. Trina Talaga, Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Pocholo Baquiran of Sinait District Hospital and Dr. Rodolfo Tongson of Ilocos Sur Provincial Hospital - Gabriela Silang expressed their gratitude of the initiatives the institution is willing to provide.
MMMH&MC exemplifies its commitment in guaranteeing access to health care for every Ilocanos not only in Ilocos Norte but to the neighboring provinces as well. It will unceasingly work with its network as we embark in a journey toward the full implementation of UHC.
- Ralph Giron & Aimee Dianne Baguio.